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Allegro Solutions cybersecurity


As a woman/nonbinary-owned business that focuses on written content, Allegro Solutions partners with other woman/nonbinary-owned companies that provide additional supporting services like website development, video content, and graphic design.

Our partners know the cybersecurity space and offer services supporting our content to complete your squad and meet all your cybersecurity marketing needs.

Conveyance Marketing Group

Conveyance cultivates meaningful, long-term relationships with clients by working with them to understand client product services, unique selling propositions, and target customers. Then, we work with clients to develop a memorable brand and effective multi-channel campaigns that fuel business growth and turn customers into a company’s best-selling salespeople. We help clients achieve real, measurable success and offer the following:

• Strategy and planning
• Messaging
• Asset development
• Sales-marketing automation
• Analysis and reporting
• Brand awareness building
• Customer attraction
• Customer engagement
• Customer retention


Sky Kennedy, owner of Studio Sky Video, has over 5 years in the cybersecurity space. She believes that engaging and educational video marketing content can drive revenue and promote greater cybersecurity awareness which leads to better data security and privacy overall.

Studio Sky Video specializes in utilizing new and repurposed video footage to visually elevate, emotionally engage, and intellectually captivate target audiences by resonating with their hearts and minds.

Their video animation, video editing, and content creation house prioritizes delivering outstanding creative video content that meets scheduling and budgeting needs.

The professionally designed, animated, edited, and created high-quality video can be used across multiple channels including  social media, client success, advocacy, sales, conferences and the web to effectively help brands and companies grow business and return investment.

Allegro Solutions Partners

Connie “Sunfire” Hill, co-owner of Hitsaru, LLC, is a web developer focused on security and accessibility. Hitsaru is a consulting firm that specializes in innformation security and related technologies. The company focuses on helping small businesses and nonprofits establish and enforce a robust security posture and mindset while maintaining a professional image through their website.

Sunfire has worked with the Diana Initiative, a cybersecurity conference focused on boosting women in the industry, rebuilding and then managing their website for over 2 years.

Their web development experience is focused on

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • WordPress

Services include:

  • new website development
  • existing website overhauls
  • ongoing maintenance and security monitoring.


Britney N. Mack is a content designer  with a background in marketing communications.

She has a passion for inclusive language and likes taking a comprehensive approach to help build experiences at the brand, customer, and user experience levels.

In her day job, she helps B2B customers understand how IoT and AR solutions can meet their business needs.



Melanie Warner, the owner of Hotiron Creative, designs logos for ridiculously brilliant people. She loves clever, thoughtful design that is visually striking, deceptively simple, meticulously executed, flexible, durable, and meaningful. Her award-winning designs can be found across Fortune 100 companies, including a multi-million dollar audio brand.

She focuses on the cybersecurity space, working with security researchers and conferences, including:

  • Alyssa Miller
  • BSides Las Vegas
  • Circle City Con
  • DEFCON: Blue Team Village
  • DEFCON: ICS VIllage
  • The CISO Track

Her services include:

  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Shirts
  • Coins
  • Stickers
  • Ephemera
  • Straight-laced branded items
  • Packaging
  • Exhibits
  • Anything fit to print



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